College Life

Being in college is fun like everyone says. Meeting new people everyday, going to parties, and no parental supervision. It feels good when you can come and go from where you live and not having to ask your parents. The best feeling is when you go out to a party and don’t have to check  in at some point of the night or even have a curfew. Another good feeling is having a ton of friends back home and meeting a whole new set of friends in college.


All of this stuff sounds so good about college but it can be outweighed by negative things regarding the good things. Going to parties where there are girls, alcohol, and loud music can be fun but there are negatives. Drinking mostly occurs with underage teens going to parties and want to have lots of fun. When teens who aren’t responsible start drinking, they can do things they regret the next day. For example, when underage girls drink, they can be influenced to do things that they normally would not do with a guy. Same thing goes for guys. Drinking is not good especially for teens that are underage.





When I am writing in my free time or for school work, I tend to write in my room or somewhere secluded. If I am around people I will get sidetracked very easily! I love talking to people so that is why I sit by myself. I usually sit in a comfortable chair or at a desk. I am a very big fan of music so I always listen to music. I listen to calm music because it gets me in a more calm mood. I also listen to calm music  because it helps me get my ideas flowing more clearly on paper. When I write I will always write only one draft which isn’t always the best idea. I usually never write a second draft unless it is very obvious mistakes or I am instructed to do so. I also take 5 minute breaks every 10 minutes I write. The reason for that is because sometimes my hands hurt. If my hands hurt then I will be more focused on my hands instead of my writing. That is just something I struggled with and learned to deal with. Writing to me is important  because it allows everybody to release stress or get things down that they need to remember. You can write anything down!writing

My Favorite Season


My favorite season of the year is fall. Although, during this season it gets chilly and people begin to get cold. I love it for many reasons.

Fall is my favorite season because I love the way the leaves fall on the ground and are red, yellow, or orange. Seeing green leaves all the time can get really boring and plain because it is everywhere. Seeing those three colors is just amazing to me when you add the sunshine to the earth. Especially being on campus where there are trees all around you can make the scene better.

Another reason why fall is my favorite season is because of the weather. Hot weather can get really annoying. Getting in a car that has been stationary in a parking lot for a long period of time can get really hot. That cancels out spring and summer because I sweat too easily. Winter gets too cold, which only leaves fall. Cold with a slight breeze is the type of weather I prefer. I love fall because I can wear sweatpants and hoodies, which are my favorite outfits. They’re comfortable, but you can only wear them certain times of the year. One reason fall is my favorite season is because my birthday is in this season.